Gruber Pallets will recycle your qualifying wood pallet waste from your facility. We are committed to our environment, and we believe in repurposing your waste into reusable products. If you are interested in purchasing our recycled waste products, please consider our animal bedding for livestock or mulch for the landscape industry.

Choosing Gruber Pallets to recycle your wooden pallet waste saves you money because we are a more affordable option than disposing of your waste into dumpsters. Our method also benefits the environment as we partner together for a more sustainable tomorrow.


Pallet Disposal

Have you ever wondered what happens to wood waste and pallets that are completely unusable? Do they get thrown away, burned, ground up, or something else?

Step 1 Each pallet that comes into a pallet company gets sorted out as either repairable or non-repairable. If it is repairable, it will be fixed and staged to be re-sold. If it is not repairable, it will be designated to the grinder.

Step 2 The pallets are put in a staging area which can be either a mound or a neat stack and then they are loaded into the grinder. The conveyor brings the pallets to the throat of the machine where the pallets are chewed up and ground into either animal bedding, bark mulch, boiler fuel, or some other byproduct.

Now what about the nails? How does a pallet company avoid grinding nails and sending them to a horse farm or putting them in with bark mulch? You sure do ask great questions. The magnet at the end of the conveyor that throws the mulch into the trailer can pull nails through over 3 inches of wood and as soon as the conveyor gets to the top and comes back around the bottom side it releases the nails into a tray that feeds into a dumpster of some kind that contains them.

Step 3 With a full trailer of product, the pallet company is ready to start the whole process again.

Now not every company grinds for mulch and animal bedding, some grind for wood pellets, and some grind to fuel incinerators. Every company has their own niche but rarely are pallet companies in the grinding business to make a whole lot of money. Remember, grinding pallets is an alternative to throwing them away and there is not much money to be made on this side of the business but it is one more a company can continue to recycle and stay happy, healthy, and environmentally friendly.