Gruber Pallets Inc. was founded in 1987 by Dale R Gruber. Gruber, a natural leader and entrepreneur, was working as a semi-truck driver for 10 years. He soon began picking up old and damaged pallets in need of repair and fixed them up in his garage. Soon Gruber recruited the help of his cousin - who later became GPI's first official employee - to help deliver pallets to companies in need of reliable, usable pallets.

As demand grew and Gruber's reputation spread, he quit his job as a truck driver and established the company. Gruber moved the business out of his garage to his current location in Lake Elmo, where he now employs over 60 employees.

In addition to pallets, Gruber expanded the business to include wood mulch and animal bedding made out of recycled pallets and materials.

Gruber Pallets continues to be a family-owned and operated business that focuses on providing outstanding customer service and superior products.

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GPI is dedicated to exceeding your expectations, especially in times of your most critical needs.
— Gruber Pallets Mission Statment